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Which Way Western Man?

William Gayley Simpson

Authorized Edition
Edited by J.N. Abbot based upon the author's final revisions
Published by the estate of William and Harriet Simpson

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Preface: To My Reader...
Chapter 1. The Undying Purpose: The Ennobling of Man
Chapter 2. The Continuing Search: From St. Francis to Nietzsche
Chapter 3a. Jesus: Tribute and Re-Appraisal
Chapter 3b. Jesus in Retrospect (1950)
Chapter 4. The Meaning of Nietzsche for the Modern World
Chapter 5. An Added Faculty of Perception
Chapter 6. Handbook for Explorers
Chapter 7. The Added Faculty of Perception in the Light of Psychology and History
Chapter 8. Reorientation to Social Problems
Chapter 9. The Inevitable Foundations of Any Sound Society
Chapter 10. The Fallacy and Failure of Popular Government
Chapter 11. The Necessity of an Aristocracy
Chapter 12. Toward an Understanding of Woman
Chapter 13. Woman and Marriage
Chapter 14. The Pacifist Position Re-Examined
Chapter 15. Man and the Machine: The Effect of Industrialism on Human Life
Chapter 16. The Necessity of Eugenics
Chapter 17. The Doctrine of the Thoroughbred
Chapter 18. The Everlasting Truth about Race
Chapter 19. The Fateful Crisis Confronting Western Man